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by Sinner & the Songfighter

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This is the 2nd Demo released by Sinner & the Songfighter.
It contains 3 songs; Four times, You'll be alone, Your loss.
Additional musicians on the demo are;
Dagmar Dia Kroes - all female vocals
Jelmer Bronsdijk - percussion


released August 6, 2015

Recorded and mixed by; Jelmer Bronsdijk (April 2015)
Music and lyrics by; Remco vanRotterdam



all rights reserved


Sinner & the Songfighter Arnhem, The Netherlands

Sinner & the Songfighter is een project van Remco vanRotterdam.
Met zijn oorsprong in de Punk/Rock heeft hij als frontman in diverse bands menig (internationaal) podium laten exploderen met zijn rauwe energie.
Toch komt na al het muziekgeweld altijd weer de drang om terug te keren naar de rust en kwetsbaarheid van de akoestische muziek.

Solo te boeken, maar ook als duo of trio.
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Track Name: Four Times
Four times

Four times, I said I love you
Four times, I said I care
One time, I wanted to leave you
But I didn’t dare, I wouldn’t dare
You’re my angel, you’re my everything in one
You’re the one that makes me laugh, that makes me cry
You’re the one who’s always picking a fight
But I don’t mind, no I don’t mind

‘Cause we ride, ride, ride
through the stormy skies
Me for you and you for me
‘Cause we ride, ride, ride
To the other side
Where I’ll be waiting and you for me

Four times, you’ve said you love me
Four times, you’ve said you care
One time, you wanted to leave me
You didn’t dare, You wouldn’t dare
I’m your angel, I’m your everything in one
I’m the one that makes you laugh, that makes you cry
I’m the one who’s always winning our fights
But you don’t mind, no you don’t mind


You for me…
Track Name: You'll Be Alone
You’ll be alone

This place is a goldmine
And I don’t know where to begin
So many choices, so little time
That’s been givin’
And we’ve gotta have it all
We’ll all be lost

This place is a sell-out
Sure no paradise some want to believe
As the screaming adds empower you
To become who you like to be
But you’ll always be alone
Be alone

Hell, you’ll always be alone
Put another smile on that face and see
You’ll always be alone

Bang bang on a warm summernight
Nobody expected this
He sure had a lot of friends
Oh how he will be missed
He said;
I’ll be alright (ah you’ll be alright)
I’ll be fine (ah you’ll be fine)
I’m taken down (you’ll be taken down)
and hang out to dry


Bang bang on a warm summernight….

Track Name: Your Loss
Your loss

Hanging out with my boys
Nothing special about that
Got a bottle in my hand
And a song stuck in my head
Time to go on home
But it’s empty without
Pour me another drink
So I won’t remember

My… my…

Ah the days to come
And I’m fine
I change the pace
It’ll get better in time
It’s your loss
And I’m alright
Like a phoenix I’ll rise

Closing time
I’ve gotta get out
You passing by
With that whore at your side
Wanna stick a knife
Right throu your spine
You falling to your knees
Begging you’ll always be mine